Saturday Agenda

A good friend of mine celebrated his birthday last Saturday and from what I can tell, it was indeed a fun-filled weekend. It was a three-part celebration where we had to go wine and dine first then afterwards we went to have fun at Breakout Manila located at Paragon Plaza. The last stop was back to his condo and continued the celebration by playing card games the entire night until morning.

I normally spend my weekends at home either playing video games (slaying noobs) or resting from a long and tiring week at work. I know that sounds boring but hey, I really don’t mind. I guess being chill and cozy at home is better than to socialize outside with no cash at hand. I’d rather invest on saving my money and energy, being broke is not the main goal for this year. Anyway, I had so much fun and I’m glad that I spent my weekend with them. I haven’t seen them for months and It was the the perfect opportunity for us to catch-up and unwind.


1. Amazing set of food – Herbed Meatballs with Cheese, Charlie Chan Pasta, Spotchcock Chicken, Kimchi Fried Rice, Greek Salad and Spinach & Feta Cheese.

2. Card Games – Avalon and  Love Letter.

3. Breakout Manila – Status: Trapped Forever. Room: “Limbo“. We’ll do better on our next try.

4. The short 5.2 earthquake that shook Manila and social media by storm.

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Cosmic 2015 realness it is!

To my all my folks, friends and colleagues.

Happy 2015

Reviving my WordPress account for good.

Looking forward to more adventures and misadventures.


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The picture I shared above is probably the best description on how and what I feel right now. TANGLED!

I am caught up in the middle of everything – that are positive and negative,and it is up to me to sort and comb all tangled ends of my life.

My goal for now is keep everything organized and for every decisions that I make should be studied and carefully planned.



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Clean Choices

This week I have decided to delete all my posts and entries here in my blog. At first I felt sad becuase I wrote so many, and every published post reminds me of something significant regardless if it is a good or bad experience.

I just felt that there is a need for me to move on and shrug off the immature past. Another reason behind this process is that I want to start all over again. Come clean and embrace everything that is healthy and good. I did clean my blog, removed everything that is negative and also those positive posts that I published before. About 30% of what I write here are negative and 70% is all about my personal interests.

This is my choice and for me I consider this as good transition. It felt good actually to start all over again. My goal is to write more good and fun contents, share great stories to tell and as well as my personal thought – positive and real thoughts.

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